Our History

In the 1980's, Nadina learned her craft while traveling as an apprentice potter across Africa, making cremes in the kitchens of African women.  Since then...

1986       Nadina travels as an apprentice potter, selling cremes at Renaissance Faires.

1989       She began working out of her grandmother's kitchen with George, who was 75 years old.  He retired at age 82 from Nadina's Cremes.

1990       Nadina's Cremes supplies 100 stores and begins employing workers who are developmentally challenged to make our ceramic jars and wooden displays.

1991       Nadina's Cremes begins donating to environmental and social concerns and sharing information about the Rainforest.  Nadina's Cremes voted "Best of Baltimore" by Baltimore Magazine.

1993       North American Indians begin making some of our jars.  Nadina's Cremes hits $1 million in sales and is available in more than 1000 stores nationwide.

1995       "Have a Heart Gift Basket" is introduced to raise awareness about domestic violence, and a portion of the profits from each basket are donated to shelters for battered women.

1996       Nadina is featured in Entrepreneur Magazine in an article about entrepreneurs who hit $1 million in sales before the age of 40.

1997           Nadina's Cremes creates an exclusive line of products for Nordstrom.

1998       Nadina creates Sarah McLachlan's Lilith Fair Tour scented cremes and candles.

2000       Nadina's Cremes moves out of the city to a "Log Cabin" in the country, manifesting some of our dreams of simplicity in both manufacturing and lifestyle.

2003       Nadina's Cremes begins collaboration with Aubrey Hampton of Aubrey Organics on product development. To see some of the results, check out our new Aubrey Organics scents and our lavender face mask and mist!

2006       Nadina meets The Medicine Hunter's Chris Kilham and Yellow Emperor's Andy Levine, researchers who provide a new level of knowledge and experience concerning the rainforest products and ingredients that Nadina's Cremes employs, such as Tamanu oil and Copaiba oil.

2007       Coming full circle: Twenty years later, Nadina's Cremes is back at the New York Renaissance Fair, sold at the Elan Pottery Booth. This is where Nadina started her pottery apprenticeship with Stephen Bennett.

2008       Nadina's Cremes launches our fabulous new Rain Forest Shampoo and Cream Rinse, as well as our skin healing Tamanu oil product.

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