About Nadina

In Hawaii there is a term: " talking Story" (it’s not lies, it’s your Life and the wonders that have happened). After 30 years of Nadina's Cremes and 1,000's of stores that have carried Nadina's... another dream come true: of moving to Hawaii and making Nadina's Cremes both East Coast and Hawaii.

First I'd like to tell of the joy and honor of the famous people who have shared appreciation for Nadina's Cremes. Every person's Love of the product matters to me, but what fun to have the memories of these special talents.

Nadina Clements Renaissance FestI started Nadina's Cremes while traveling in the Renaissance Faires being an apprentice Potter. After three years doing the Renaissance Faires I had the pleasure and adventure of crossing Africa with a best friend from college volunteering In The Peace Corp. We traveled all the way from West to East Africa! It was on the island of Lamu where lovely Muslim women took me into their homes to make cremes their way...

I then returned home in mid 1989 with only 5 accounts, Whole Foods being the first when they had only 2 stores.... I moved into my Grandmother's kitchen end of '89 and by '92, Nadina's Cremes had become a million dollar business in over a 1,000 stores. I did NYC Gift Shows, The Natural Products Show... While doing the NYC Jacob Javits show a mutual friend staying with Paul Simon shared Nadina's Cremes brochure and he said: " Paul Simon and Edie Brickell would really like to meet you! Wow Paul Simon is going to walk in my marketing booth "to meet me?!" Wow, and it happened. Paul coming into the both and with enthusiasm asked " So how did you get this started?!" Oh I started in the Renaissance Faire south of Dallas, Tx. hence Eddie Brickels territory. Which lead to Paul Simon saying: "Hey Eddy she started this in Waxahachie, Texas”. It was sweet, you can imagine. Two years prior i stood on a Central Park bench listening to his concert in Central Park!

I kept working hard, endless shows... grateful to have the tags of the jars be an avenue to educating about how important the Rain Forest is for our planet. Through the purchase of Nadina's Cremes we donated $1,000 to different environmental organizations; one being Rain Forest Action Network. The tags would fold out in color and show the canopy, slash and burn, logging then desertification. Plus, the address for RFAN at the end, they sent a testimonial that the tags helped. I was honored to be invited to a dinner fundraiser at $350/ place setting with The Grateful Dead!! I would dine with the Grateful Dead! But, I was pregnant I could not go :/... (I so Love my children). RFAN asked "please send a Creme jar that we can place at everyone on the Grateful Dead dinner place setting to enjoy. Nice, even Gerry Garcia received a Nadina's Creme jar.... The fun continues.

A few more years go by and by luck Sarah Mac Lachlan purchased our Cremes in the special town of Captain Cook on the Big Island of Hawaii, and in 1997 calls our company asking us to join her concert and craft vendor in the outdoor venues. WOW again... Well i had three young babies, did not know who Sarah Mac Lachlan was told our Sales manager no, then heard her music and with excitement asked could we go to the 50 concert venues where we have sales rep's? We were welcomed to tour with any shows we could. I did Maryland's and met Sarah Mac Lachlan at the morning setting up. It was so cool and we chatted like old friends. "So how did you learn about Nadina's" I asked? “Oh on the Big Island in the town of Captain Cook”... I then proceeded to ask which scent had she purchased in Captian Cook, Hawaii? – “Starlight” (our scent blended with Vanilla and Sandalwood). Come enjoy another Nadina’s Cremes as a gift, I said. So modest “no”, she said and yet she traded a CD signed in gold "Nadina, Peace and Love”, Sarah Mac Lachlan. She shared her story of Lilith...I found it so sassy that night and I received a vision to ask her to endorse the Nordstrom line we had created that season. Spice & Fire was exclusive to them at that time, because we were all over the Washington D. C. area in Wholefoods and more... I love Spice & Fire (a luscious blend of: Patchouli, Rose Geranium, Ho wood and Clove) good for Hormones different woman have mentioned Homeopathic doctors recommending 2 of the essential oils good for menopause. I wrote Sarah a note the next morning informing her that I would only be at one more show and that the rest sales rep's would be doing. Sarah was waiting at the 3rd show booth when I arrived. To say: “I would Love to endorse your Nordstrom line but you will need to write and ask my management.” My favorite quote of Bob Dylan- “we all have to serve someone else”. We wrote her management and they wrote back to say- "Nadina we would like you to create the second year of The Lilithe Faires tour scent for Sarah Mac Lachlan to be sold with her CD's and her artwork and t-shirts at her booth... WOW Sarah's custom scent. So while working demo's for Nordstorm's in D.C. and Sarah preforming at George Mason University I ask to double check which scent for the tour: Starlight is how we meet but Spice & Fire conjured the idea. Sarah immediately said " So we will do Lilith I and Lilith ll. The third year she generously donated $20,000 of Nadina’s Cremes to Battered Woman's Shelters the third tour... A woman with a big heart!

Then there was the year our North Shore Oahu sales rep gave Jack Johnson one for all his help for our Environment... We can all do our part. Please be aware there are chemicals from sunscreens being found in our coral reefs… I have always cared to educate through our brochures to help our environment.