The Sandalwood Dream


I had a Dream 27 years ago when my oldest son was in my belly while in the Honolulu Bishop Museum. There was an in the room educating on the very first product exported off the islands of Hawaii. What do you think that product was? The Sandalwood (Iliahi) Trees! Why? I had a deep determination following a soul moving experience that one day, I would return to Hawaii and help Reforest the Sandalwood Forest.  

The Iliahi tree is a very powerful tree and the Chinese knew it. The Big Island was covered in Forests of Sandalwood and they were cut down in large quantities which basically made them extinct. I am an 1985 environmental science & geography graduate from Texas A&M.  I have fought for reforestation my entire career of selling Nadina's Cremes. Our company grew very fast after that first visit to the museum, Nadina's Cremes went into thousands of stores, millions of people purchased our products, all while the tags on the jars educated on the loss of the RainForest.

I would tell customers one day I will return to Hawaii and Reforest The Sandalwood Forest!

Mark Well 20 years went by... and I returned in 2013  and within a month I met a man called "The Sandalwood Man" who had the same dream and is doing it! Mark Hanson has lived on Hawaii for 30 years and as of now planted over 50,000 Sandalwood Trees plus other endangered species. I have planted over 500 and gathered many volunteers to do the same. Please You come join us!

The Sandalwood Tree is a powerful plant with many different's oils are prized in the field of alternative medicine (Healthline). Popular ingredients of India, and traditional Chinease medicine. In these traditions the common cold, urinary tract infections, liver and gallbladder problems, and digestive issues...(Healthline) 

Not only has my Dream come true but on the first day we did a planting (on Earth Day) 40 people showed up, we planted 700 trees that day,  and WHO called me that day from college... MY SON asking "what are you doing?!" My reply: "I'm accomplishing the dream, I said I would when you were in my belly! Believe in Your Dreams, and plant TREES our planet's oxygen depends on it.

Here we are, Mark and I on the left photo on Dec 2019, rejoicing at this Sandalwood tree that had grown 2' taller since we were there last in August. And the photo to the right is of a 100-year old Sandalwood tree. 

Another favorite cause that customers help with when they purchase Nadina's Cremes is the saving of Old-Growth Forest! Visit Dr. Joan Maloof's fabulous efforts for saving the last of the uncut Forests... Our Oldest Trees! Did you know 97% of Old Growth Forest has been cut at least once on the East Coast and 97% on the West Coast of Mainland USA.. More than 90% of trees are less than 6" in diameter. We can... TOGETHER... change that, every purchase helps us plant more Trees and save the Grandfather Trees. 

To learn more about Nadina's Cremes mission, click here.  

Mahalo and Thank You, Nadina (means Hope)