Nadina Cremes Mission

Sustainability, Environment, Ethics

Through interaction with cultures around the world Nadina developed a commitment to preserving and protecting our planet. Our Cremes are consciously made with environmentally sound ingredients and production methods. Devoted to social change, Nadina began a partnership with the Providence Center (who employ the Developmentally Challenged) to produce displays and jars for Nadina’s Cremes. Enjoy our fine cremes with peace of mind, knowing that you are supporting an environmentally and ethically conscious business. Nadina gives gratitude to the people who have enjoyed her products and shared her enthusiasm for the environmental and humanitarian causes she has supported for over 30 years including: Paul Simon, The Grateful Dead, Sarah Mclachlan, Jack Johnson, Rainforest Action Network, Hawaii Reforestation Project.

Nadina’s Cremes hopes everyone will help preserve our coral reefs by checking labels - before buying / using sunscreen - for the following proven coral killing ingredients: Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Avobenzone or Avobenzine, Ethylhexl Methozycinnamamate, Homosalate, Octisalate / Octocrylene. Instead, we suggest looking for sunscreens containing titanium oxide or zinc oxide, which have not been found to be harmful to coral reefs. Our thanks to all who share our commitment to environmental preservation.

Employing the Developmentally Challenged 

In 1989 when Nadina went off to find other potters to help create the jars, she was directed to The Providence Center. This is a well run center which help train Developmentally Challenged Individuals. Providence Center offers many different services. Nadina's Cremes first had jars produced then for over 15 years Providence Center also created wooden displays for over 5,000 stores point of purchase. Now Nadina's Cremes has many of the beautiful jars create by their ceramic workshop. 

Developmentally Challenged for over 30 years!

Helping Save Our Forests

Hawaiian Reforestation Program

A non-profit organization in Hawaii with a mission to reforest the lopes of Mauna Kea with sandalwood forests. In operation since 1992, the organization led by Mark Hanson, has planted over 50,000 sandalwood trees since 2010

Meet Mark "The Sandalwood Man" 

Old Growth Forest Network

The Old-Growth Forest Network was founded by Dr. Joan Maloof, a Professor Emeritus at Salisbury University, to protect and promote the country's few remaining stands of old-growth forest.

All forest stages have an important ecological role to play. The old-growth stage is especially important because of its unique structure. Various canopy layers and berry-producing plants are beneficial for many bird species. In a forest that has not been disturbed for hundreds of years some trees will develop hollow cavities. These cavities become important nesting places for animals. In an undisturbed forest some large trees will die and fall, creating yet more habitat: numerous insects, fungi, reptiles and amphibians benefit from the fallen trees. The moisture retained within an old-growth forests benefits lichen and mosses, and the species that live among the mosses and lichens. Old-growth forests are one of the few land uses where topsoil is created instead of destroyed. More carbon and nitrogen is retained in an old-growth forest than in forests of other age classes. For improving water quality and air quality there is nothing better than an old-growth forest.

Meet Dr. Joan Maloof

Education through product tags

Our jars tags once served as an avenue to educate how important the Rain Forest is for our planet. Though our tags have had many changes over the years, we still love the tags for the purpose they serve!

Through the purchase of Nadina's Cremes we have donated thousands of dollars to different environmental organizations, one being the Rain Forest Action Network (RAN). Our tags would fold out in color and show the canopy the slash and burn, logging, then desertification. Also RAN sent a testimonial that the tags helped educate nationwide. I was honored to be invited to a dinner fundraiser with The Grateful Dead!! Nadina was thrilled to be invited but was pregnant and could not go. :/... RAN asked "please send a creme jar that we can place at each of the Grateful Dead place settings” so they too can enjoy Nadina’s Cremes" environmental networking. 

Save The Forest Product LabelsNadina Cremes Product Tag Save The Forests