Our Products

We use only natural ingredients and fragrances in our cremes. Our products are of the highest concentration, as they contain no water, and they have a pure, natural base of coconut oil, almond oil, beeswax and Aloe Vera. We use no artificial color, no animal testing, and no preservatives.

Our emphasis, at every stage of production, is on using materials and techniques that will protect and preserve the environment. To produce the creams, we use the same techniques the ancient Egyptians used, some of which are still in practice today in parts of Africa. The creams have endless uses from massage oil to aromatherapy, from moisturizer to after-shave, and from bath oil to hair conditioner.

We encourage you to explore our products and to enjoy the splendor of nature's bounty!



Our unique ceramic jars are fully reusable, so they are as beautiful for the environment as they are to the eye! In addition, these jars are expertly hand-crafted by the developmentally-challenged, so each jar is in itself an act of love and support. We also work with local Hawaiian potters. All our jars are USA made! Not one jar is like the other, which makes them desirable collector's pieces. These beautiful containers are available for $17.00 - $57.00 when filled with our scented cremes.



Hand made in Hawai'i, then slip casted in Maryland by our amazing team at the Providence Center


Whale Tail  *  Seahorse  *  Sea Turtle  *  Dolphin

New Hawaiian designs coming soon... 

Mother Whale  *  Dragonfly  *  Bumble Bee  *  Volcano (Goddess Pele)


Our convenient refill tubs make it possible to re-use our jars forever! These attractive tubs are available for $69.00 - $325.00 when filled with our scented cremes.

Refill Tubs



Nadina’s Cremes are made of Soy wax which does not have the toxic effects of Petroleum based candles. Our 3”candles burn for 24 hours and the 4”candles burn for 48 hours. Do not ever leave a candle burning by its self. Also remember to not leave on surfaces that would be apt to stain. Enjoy the aromas that the lovely candles containers emit plus the jars are collectables.




Nadina’s Cremes bath crystals are made from Sea Salts and the lovely essences that are used in our crèmes. Sea Salts can be soothing for ache muscles and the scents make for a luscious bath.