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The Scent:

Red Grapefruit, Lime and Lemon Essential oils mingle with Basil, Lavender and a touch of Cedar wood in this exquisite blend to make your spirit soar.

The Jars:

Nadina’s Cremes, devoted to social change, is in partnership with the Providence Center who employ the developmentally challenged to produce displays and ceramic jars. 

The .5 oz. 3 oz., 7 oz.  ceramic jars are simple and colorfully glazed with no designs. 

The 2 oz. ceramic jars are ceramic, glazed and have designs with seahorse, turtle, whale tale, mother + baby whale, dragonfly, bees, volcano, trees. 

The 8 oz. and larger quantities are great for refilling the smaller ceramic jars.

Type desired jar design in comments when ordering! See sample pic of various designs attached.